There are many types of ‘words’ people put on their walls to add atmosphere to an area. In offices they are usually words of inspiration or encouragement. In the house, these are generally placed on a shelf with books and nick knacks or hung on the wall. A single word that enforces the mood of the room.

We have been keeping an eye out for the right words to put on the wall in our home office. We have found a few at the local hobby supply shops, usually these are basic white on the rougher side to encourage your to spice them up with color to match the room.

Last week we took the plunge for a simple one we found at Current. We liked the font the maker had chosen and thought it matched the mood of the word quite nicely. For now it is being used as supplied, in white, but soon will be painted in a contrasting color to the wall it’s on. This is a picture from Current and not the actual one we have due to the white on a white wall just didn’t show well in the photos we took.

Available at Current – Dream Wall Word measures 6 3/4″ x 22″