There are single words that pop up more often than others in the Social Media world. Words that people use more often and words that tend to get more people sharing posts with those words. Of course, the words change all the time but there are still words that pop up more often. Popularity of words happens a lot in ads too, like real-estate marketing. Generally, popular words create a mental images or represent a level of energy.

For our little discussion here, we searched around for the top most used words in a couple areas. First, the ‘Most Often Overused Buzzwords in Press Releases‘. This article researched Press Releases for how often catch words was used. They came back with a very interesting top 100 words. Sometimes word lists lead people to avoid using those words, this time the words will ring a bell with you later when your reading a press release as just another attempt to get your attention.

The second group of interesting often used words is: The 20 Words and Phrases That Will Get You the Most ReTweets. In the world of Twitter posts, there are those that are posts about what a person had for lunch, there is information posts to share news with others, and there are posts from folks being used for marketing. The last group spends a lot of time trying to word their 140 character posts just right to get people to re-tweet (share) with others. This get’s the marketer more attention.