There are single words that create issues to get the spelling correct more often than others. They are words that may sound like another but have multiple spellings depending on the meaning. Or, usually, they are words that aren’t spelled as they sound.

In the case of words that sound the same and have multiple spellings, most spell checkers aren’t able to know what your trying to say so they may not catch the difference. The bigger named spell checkers do more than check the letters, they also make suggestions that you chose the wrong ‘their, they’re, there’.

Some people remember things with images better than just a list of words and rules. Here is a couple fun infographics we found about Misspelled and Misused Words.

For ‘Misspelled’,15 Most Misspelled English Words Infographic is a fun overview of words that look similar but can be spelled wrong. Using a spell checker would catch these…

A shorter list but with a lot of fun with it’s graphics is 8 Commonly Misused Words . This infographic outlines 8 words that have multiple spellings and with each are a different meaning. They are very easily switched and thus saying something different than you meant to say.