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The Single Words of Social Media

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There are single words that pop up more often than others in the Social Media world. Words that people use more often and words that tend to get more people sharing posts with those words. Of course, the words change all the time but there are still words that pop up more often. Popularity of words happens a lot in ads too, like real-estate marketing. Generally, popular words create a mental images or represent a level of energy.

For our little discussion here, we searched around for the top most used words in a couple areas. First, the ‘Most Often Overused Buzzwords in Press Releases‘. This article researched Press Releases for how often catch words was used. They came back with a very interesting top 100 words. Sometimes word lists lead people to avoid using those words, this time the words will ring a bell with you later when your reading a press release as just another attempt to get your attention.

The second group of interesting often used words is: The 20 Words and Phrases That Will Get You the Most ReTweets. In the world of Twitter posts, there are those that are posts about what a person had for lunch, there is information posts to share news with others, and there are posts from folks being used for marketing. The last group spends a lot of time trying to word their 140 character posts just right to get people to re-tweet (share) with others. This get’s the marketer more attention.

Words That Bridge Between Two Words

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The Internet has enabled us to reach out further than we have been able to do so in the past. Now, we are able to get news from someone on the front line via a cell phone and a connection to a social site. Via those same social sites and the many blogs, we can see trends of the masses and thoughts of the individual. As well, instead of a quick conversation in passing and not know why a friend made a reference they did, we are now able to see how thoughts are formed and the influences simple words have on the outcome of our journeys.

Chris Harrison has taken information available from many sources, not the least all the data Google collects and has build a series of graphics showing the path in single words between two opposite words. I would encourage you to take the time to visit the site to understand the full scope of the collection and analyzing of the words. To give you a quick idea that the reporting of the data was no easy task:

To better achieve a even distribution, I normalized the frequencies of bigrams based on total primary term frequency. So, for example, in the case of war vs. peace, there are 81,839,381 bigrams starting with war and 31,263,375 bigrams starting with peace. If I render the spectrum without normalization, it ends up lopsided toward war (since the usage totals are so much higher). To compensate, I scale down all of war’s bigrams so that the overall frequencies are even.

The original project was called Word Spectrum, here is a low resolution example of one of the many graphics available. Each graphic on Chris’s site are done as a high def PDF so you can download and examine at your leisure.

As the process continues, Chris rethought the layout of the words and the path of single words leading from one end of a though to the opposite. These are called Word Associations. Again, available to view online or download as PDFs.

Insightful Quotes to go with Words of Inspiration

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There are many words of inspiration that come to mind when your writing a note to someone. A quick note or a card can motivate a person to be their best. While a word describes the message you want to send, a card with COURAGE on it has limited impact. Some people will get it, but most need a bit more to align with.

The folks at Healthful Changes have done a nice job of aligning quotes from famous people throughout history to match the Words of Inspiration. A card with one of these quotes may have more of a dramatic impact. You will still know the word that describes the emotion your sending with your message, the reader will understand what your trying to say.

Some of the words expanded with quotes include:

Rhymes Start with a Single Word

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If you didn’t know, like I didn’t know, there is a more technical side to rhyming words. Especially when it is in a poem where readers spend more time analyzing ever word. I will list out some greast resources below, but to start, here is what makes up different kinds of rhyming words:

End Rhymes (blue/shoe)

Last Syllable Rhymes (timber/harbor)

Double Rhymes (conviction/prediction)

Triple Rhymes (frightening/brightening)

Beginning Rhymes (physics/fizzle)

First Syllable Rhymes (carrot/caring)

rhymer.com offers a online search engine for words via their 93,000-word dictionary. They also offer a desktop version of their software for faster reference.

rhyme.poetry.com offers a search engine for rhyming words with a few extras – Organize results by syllables or letters and can include phrases.

A post about rhyming words wouldn’t be complete without a mention of words that can’t be rhymed. Most everyone has heard of Orange and Silver. There is actually quite a list of words over at “List of English words without rhymes”. This page is good to glance at before spend a weekend trying to finish of your poem where you need something that matches up to ‘wolf’ only to find out that there is such word.

Just for Fun – Flickr Single Word Images

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Nothing too serious going on here, it’s all for fun!

Looking around Flickr today, I was overjoyed to discover Raham has taken on the challenge to have a Flickr area of Single Word images. He has 356 images in the group currently, and looks to be growing. While it’s nothing more than a bunch of pictures of words found everywhere in the world, that is what makes it fun!

From Raham about adding to the collection:
The Purpose Of This Group

To collect a large database of photographed single words.
Images of photographed words (not text created with a graphics program, nor screen-captures).


Images must be of a SINGLE word, cropped so that word fills the image.

Define Your Site in a Single Word

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There are things that I find that are must see items. Most of those, I would personally endorse saying that you should visit. This particular item I found interesting and “worth a mention”. The site allows you to pick a word that best describes your Web site and have that word associated to your site. There are over 7,000 words assigned.

The Big Word Project has been set up by Paddy Donnelly and Lee Munroe, two Masters students from Northern Ireland, who are exploring what different words mean to different people. The project allows you to purchase a word from our list to represent your site. Your site will then represent this word in our list and when people click on it, they will be taken to your site. The project is aimed at changing definitions and creating a new tapestry of words, meaning altogether different things.”

The creators do charge for that single word association which gives me mixed feelings. I can see someone in a school or for a fun project doing this for free. I don’t have an issue with anyone making money and these folks have a effective simplistic site that makes it unique… you decide. Even if you don’t ‘buy’ your word, it’s a site to visit when looking for one word associated with one site.

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