There is one word that sticks with you forever. I guess you could change that word, but generally speaking, it is where you are. That of course is your name… let’s go with your first name. For many people, that first name builds an image in a person’s mind before they meet you. Most likely they have met a Sally before so they have a quick picture of ‘Sally’ before the first time your paths cross. Maybe, your name will create a new impression that will erase the previous Sally for future first encounters.

While most names are given before a child has a personality or more often before they are even born. Not so much with a pet. Few folks have a name in mind and then search for a pet to match that. Most pet names are descriptive of that pet while a person’s first name is usually a relative or follows a rule like “this name should be hard to shorten into something embarrassing” .

For pet, most often a Cat or Dog, the name may just hit you when you first meet. If that doesn’t happen, here is a great site with many pet names. What I particularly enjoyed is that the site explains where the name came from, what it might mean and most often the sex of the pet it is used with. Fun to look through even if your not having a new family addition.